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Exhibition I: Portrait
images // documentation

After receiving our MFAs from CalArts in Film in 2006, Cy went abroad while J.R. remained in Los Angeles. Speaking regularly online, we often discussed our current photography and film projects. Forced to shoot our films digitally due to costs, we quickly became dissatisfied with digital photography and so we found an inexpensive medium format camera, the Pentacon 6, an old East German Camera.

Shooting with this camera that had not been manufactured in 20 years, we started a different kind of conversation comparing techniques and images, a conversation that has continued these past 2 years and is now coming to fruition in the exhibition of a series of work that represents both sides of our dialogue - portraits from home and abroad.

opening reception saturday, february 13th, 8pm show runs through friday, march 12th, 2010

cafe de leche
5000 york blvd
highland park 90042